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2021: Heads or Tails?

There are only a few hours left in 2020, what can we say…what a year! 😶 The house is quiet today (children are with their grandparents), so I’m taking a moment to write here.

It is the case to say that 2020 did not go quite as planned, but I’m grateful my family and relatives were not more impacted. At the same time, I’m also sad for the people who lost someone (almost 2 million deads to this date), especially as it may have been related to others that didn’t respect restrictions and masks.

I’m also shocked that so many people prefers to believe in various conspiracies rather than trusting science.


Enough of 2020, welcome 2021! I won’t make any predictions, nor any resolutions this time. I will only:

  • do my best to spend more quality family time
  • continue to enjoy my current role
  • do my best to be a good human/person

Thanks for your continued interest, and Happy New Year!

Stay safe, be kind!



Staff Technical Product Manager, technologist with 16+ years of Networking and Security experience in Data Center, Public Cloud & Virtualization (VMs and Containers). He is a double VCDX (DCV and NV, #120), VCDX panelist, frequent VMUG/VMworld speaker and contributor to the community via this blog or social media (follow him on Twitter @woueb).