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NSX-T Reference Design Guide - Updated Version for NSX-T 3.0

Christmas came early this year! An updated version of the NSX-T Reference Design Guide was published last Friday! 🙌

The NSX-T Reference Design Guide provides guidance and best practices for designing environments that leverage the capabilities of VMware NSX-T. It is targeted at virtualization and network architects interested in deploying NSX Data Center solutions.

What’s New?

This 3rd iteration includes:

  • Design changes that goes with VDS with NSX
  • VSAN baseline recommendation for management and edge components
  • VRF based routing and other enhancements
  • Updated security functionality
  • Performance updates
  • …and much more!

This document is organized into several chapters. Chapter 2 to 6 explain the architectural building blocks of NSX-T as a full-stack solution, providing a detailed functioning of NSX-T components, features and scope. They also describe the components and functionality utilized for security use cases. These chapters lay the groundwork to help understand and implement the design guidance described in the design chapter.

The design chapter (Chapter 7) examines detailed use cases of network virtualization and recommendations of either best practices or leading practices based on the type of use case or design form factor. It offers guidance for a variety of factors including physical infrastructure considerations, compute node requirements, and variably sized environments from small to enterprise scale.

Note: The NSX-T Reference Design Guide does not cover installation, and operational monitoring and troubleshooting. For further details, review the NSX-T installation and administration guides.

Besides this updated Reference Design Guide for NSX-T, several other NSX-T reference guides have been published or updated recently, for a total number of 714 pages.

Happy Reading!



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