VMware VExpert Resources & Benefits

I’m proud to be part of the vExpert family since 2014. I maintain this page as a memo, with useful links and resources about the vExpert program.

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The annual VMware vExpert title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. The title is awarded to individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.

You can apply for the vExpert program using 3 different paths:

Evangelist Path - The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, VMTN contributors, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people. Employees of VMware can also apply via the Evangelist path. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public or were in a language other than English.

Customer Path - The Customer Path is for leaders from VMware customer organizations. They have been internal champions in their organizations, or worked with VMware to build success stories, act as customer references, given public interviews, spoken at conferences, or were VMUG leaders. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public.

VPN (VMware Partner Network) Path - The VPN Path is for employees of our partner companies who lead with passion and by example, who are committed to continuous learning through accreditations and certifications and to making their technical knowledge and expertise available to many. This can take shape of event participation, video, IP generation, as well as public speaking engagements. A VMware employee reference is required for VPN Path candidates.

vExpert over the years

Period Number Announcement
2019 H1
vExpert 2019 Award Announcement
2018 H2
vExpert 2018 Second Half Award Announcement
2018 H1
vExpert 2018 Award Announcement
2017 H2
vExpert 2017 Second Half Announcement
2017 H1
vExpert 2017 Award Announcement
2016 H2
vExpert 2016 Second Half Announcement
2016 H1
vExpert 2016 H1 Award Announcement
2015 H2
vExpert 2015 H2 Announcement
2015 H1
vExpert 2015 H1 Announcement
2014 Q3
vExpert 2014 Q3 Announcement
2014 Q2
vExpert 2014 Q2 Announcement
2014 Q1
vExpert 2014 Q1 Announcement
vExpert 2013 awardees announced

Note: I intentionally omitted previous years because I did not find enough information about vExpert for the years before 2012.

vExpert Resources

A public listing of current vExperts can be found in the vExpert Directory page.

VMware vExpert 2019 Badge VMware vExpert 2018 Badge VMware vExpert 2017 Badge VMware vExpert 2016 Badge VMware vExpert 2015 Badge VMware vExpert 2014 Badge

Medias resources

…and some legacy resources:

vExpert NSX

The vExpert NSX program is build upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware NSX. There will be an application once per year for each of the sub-programs.

Period Number Announcement Statistics
vExpert NSX 2018 Award Announcement N/A
vExpert NSX 2017 Award Announcement N/A
vExpert NSX 2016 Award Announcement N/A

vExpert NSX badge

vExpert vSAN

The vExpert vSAN program is build upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware vSAN. We will open applications once per year for each of the sub-programs.

Period Number Announcement Statistics
vExpert 2018 vSAN Announcement N/A
vExpert 2017 vSAN Announcement N/A
vExpert 2016 vSAN Announcement N/A

vExpert vSAN badge

vExpert Cloud

The vExpert Cloud program is build upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware Cloud. We will open applications once per year for each of the sub-programs.

Period Number Announcement Statistics
vExpert Cloud 2017 Award Announcement N/A

vExpert Cloud badge

vExpert Pro

The idea behind the development of vExpert PRO program is to create a network of vExperts around the world who are willing to identify and recruit new vExperts in their local communities and be mentors for these new vExperts.

Period Number Announcement Statistics
vExpert PRO Program Launch N/A

vExpert Pro badge

vExpert benefits

Besides the public recognition of being a vExpert and the benefits that VMware offers to that community (private forum, access to beta, etc.), some vendors grant additional benefits to vExperts, like free subscriptions, NFR licenses and so on.

Editor/Vendor Description Benefit!
Altaro Free NFR key of Altaro VM Backup (unlimited edition) valued at €520, to back up your Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines. Free Altaro VM Backup NFR license for IT pros
Aomei AOMEI Free Not-For-Resale (NFR) licenses AOMEI Free Not-For-Resale (NFR) Program
ControlUp ControlUp Free license ControlUp Free license
Devolutions NFR Remote Desktop Manager & Password Vault Manager Enterprise license Devolutions RDM License
HP HP StoreVirtual VSA NFR licenses (3 years). NFR HP StoreVirtual VSA
HyTrust Free one-year KeyControl license for vSphere and vSAN Encryption Free HyTrust KeyControl for VMware vExperts
ioFABRIC 5TB NFR license ioFABRIC Vicinity
Kemp NFR License for LoadMaster VLM-2000. LoadMaster NFR
Liquidware Labs 25 licenses VDI Essentials + 1 Flex-io server license - perpetual license Send an email from company address along with date certified vExpert to sales [at] liquidwarelabs.com
Login VSI A free (for non-commercial use) Login VSI Pro license (12 months, 100 user sessions). Direct access to our support, product marketing and development team. Login VSI VIP Program
Nakivo FREE two-socket Not For Resale (NFR) license of NAKIVO Backup & Replication for your home or work lab. Free NFR Licenses for VMware Pros
Nexenta NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN 1-yr promotional license for up to 8 CPU Sockets. NexentaConnect NFR
Opvizor Opvizor predictive Analysis NFR license. Opvizor predictive Analysis NFR
Pluralsight Unlimited and free access to the entire Pluralsight training library for one year. Pluralsight Free Annual Subscription
Ravello 1,000 free CPU hours per month to run VMware ESXi labs or VMware workloads in AWS or Google cloud Ravello Free Lab Service
Royal TS Free NFR license for Royal TS/X. Royal TS/X NFR
Runecast NFR license of Runecast Analyzer Runecast NFR (put vExpert as the company name)
Sonar Sonar NFR license Sonar NFR license (use promo code VEXPERT15)
StarWind Special free license that contains all the features of StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V and/or StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere StarWind Virtual SAN for VMware Experts
Symantec Free 1 TB license of Backup Exec 15 Capacity Edition Lite to use in production or non-production environments (e.g. evaluation, demonstration or training purposes) along with 12 months of essential support. FREE License of Backup Exec 15™ Capacity Edition Lite
Synergy Free NFR Copy (Mouse & Keyboard sharing software) Synergy NFR
TechSmith Complimentary copies of the latest versions of Snagit and Camtasia. (provide VMware vExpert in the organization field)
Veeam Veeam is giving away NFR licenses for 2 sockets of Veeam Availabilty Suite 9.5 for your home or work lab (non-production use) without any feature limitations for 1 year. The license works for both VMware and Hyper‑V environments. Veeam NFR
Vembu Free NFR(fully-functional license), includes 2 CPU socket licenses for VMware/Hyper-V Environment (Unlimited VMs), 1 Physical Windows Server License, Unlimited Windows & Mac Workstations Backup Free NFR license for Vembu BDR Suite
Vimalin Free Vimalin 2.0 license for VMware Fusion virtual machines backup tool Free Vimalin 2.0 license for for vExperts
VMware vCHS (vCloud Hybrid Service) free access for 30 days. vCHS Access for vExperts
VSS Labs Free vCert Manager NFR for Home Lab. vCert Manager NFR
Zerto NFR license Zerto NFR
URL Shortener vExpert URL Shortener with vexpert.me domain. vExpert URL Shortener

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