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Try the new VMware Virtual SAN Sizing Tool

VMware Virtual SAN (a.k.a. VSAN) is getting more and more attention. Long story short, VSAN is a new hypervisor-converged, software-defined storage platform which aggregates locally attached disks of hosts that are members of a vSphere cluster, to create a distributed shared storage solution. Keywords of the solution are:

  • optimal performances

  • resilient storage platform

  • simplified management

  • agility

Just released, the VMware Virtual SAN™ Sizing Tool provides assistance for design considerations and automates storage sizing calculations for Virtual SAN infrastructures.

The purpose of this tool is to help determine the hardware specifications for hosts in a Virtual SAN cluster required to run a set of virtual machines defined by a set of input characteristics. [...] The tool is designed so that **you can easily vary inputs to see the impact on the sizing output**, thus **allowing you to iterate manually for more sophisticated analyses**.

VMware Virtual SAN Sizing Tool

To enjoy the awesomeness of this tool, you only need to:

  1. Enter the Virtual Machine characteristics and Virtual SAN policy settings in the Virtual Machine Characteristics input menu on the left-hand column.

  2. Enter the host profile in the Host Hardware Characteristics input menu on the left-hand column.

  3. Explore the results!

The help of the tool provides these considerations:

  • All hosts in the cluster are assumed to have an identical hardware profile, i.e. numbers of hard drives and flash devices, amount of physical RAM, and number of CPU cores
  • All virtual machines are assumed to be identical in storage characteristics, i.e. number of VMDKs, size of VMDKs (assumed identical for all disks), number of snapshots, and virtual memory size
  • All virtual machines are assumed to have the same Virtual SAN policy, i.e. number of failures to tolerate and number of disk stripes per object

Don’t worry, if you are not sure about the data you need to enter, a contextual help is available:

Additional resources (PDF):

Link: virtualsansizing.vmware.com



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