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VCAP5-DCA - vSphere 5.5 Based Exam

VMware released today a new exam to qualify candidates for the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Administration (VCAP5-DCA) Certification. You have now the possibility to pass two different exams: passing either of these will earn VCAP5-DCA certification if you meet the other pre-requisites.

This new exam (code VDCA550) is based on vSphere v5.5, where the existing exam (exam code VDCA510) is based on vSphere v5.0.

VCAP-DCA - VMware Certified Advanced Professional Data Center Administration

I have just extracted this sentence of the VDCA550 Exam Blueprint:

The exam consists of a number of tasks that are performed using an environment consisting of five ESXi 5.5 hosts, two vCenter 5.5 Servers, vCOPS 5.6 Foundation, vCenter Orchestrator 5.5 and vSphere Replication 5.5 appliances plus an Active Directory domain controller and shared storage.

Yes, vCenter Orchestrator, you read correctly ! :)

While vCOPS is not specifically listed in the objective list, vSphere Replication is mentioned in the blueprint as well as vCenter Orchestrator in the Objective 7.2:

  • Configure and manage vCenter Orchestrator
  • Add Orchestrator to vCenter
  • Create basic vCenter management workflows
  • Troubleshoot existing workflows
  • Import/export packages

The VCAP5 - DCA Exam consists of approximately 23 live lab activities, and the passing score for this exam is 300 (scale is from 100 to 500). For those who are targeting VCDX - Data Center Virtualization, the VCAP5-DCA certification is a component of the VCDX5-DCV certification track.

Download the Blueprint for the VCAP5-DCA vSphere 5.5 Based Exam (VDCA550).

More information: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Data Center Administration (VCAP5-DCA).



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