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Unleash your Logs Analysis with SexiLog

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Released today, SexiLog is a free pre-configured ELK log management virtual appliance designed for vSphere environments. It delivers great log analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities, combined with highly customizable dashboards.

SexiLog is really easy to use and to deploy: after the OVA deployment, you only have to configure a static IP (if you don’t have a DHCP) and redirect your ESXi logs…that’s all ! :)

Almost 20 predefined dashboards (a.k.a. SexiBoards) are available out of the box, but you can create as many as needed for your needs.

SexiLog: ELK virtual appliance to store and search your (VMware) logs The appliance is based on the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) as on other opensource tools (nodes.js, etc.).

SexiLog Features

I hope you noticed the word “free” above in this post : yes, SexiLog is completely free. :)


  • you can build your own appliance using this detailed cookbook,

  • if you’re lost, don’t forget to RTFM,

  • if you want to try the product before deploying it, you can access a demo here : demo.sexilog.fr.

Kudos to Frederic Martin (@vmdude_fr) & Raphael Schitz (@hypervisor_fr) for developing such a great tool !



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