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Download VMware and Pivotal Products via CLI

I had to deploy NSX-T and PKS to a new infrastructure lately. The usage of a jump host was inevitable as my home bandwidth is not great to upload many GB to a remote site. I can deploy OVA using OVF Tool or via govc (#rungovc) and I was already familiar of the Pivnet CLI to download Pivotal products…all I was missing was a capability to download VMware products using CLI and I was happy to discover that the vmw-cli client can exactly do that for me.

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NSX Load Balancer: Virtual Server (VIP) Port Range

Someone asked me recently how to configure NSX Load Balancing to get a single virtual IP (VIP) with multiple ports. Indeed, applications often listen on multiple ports and to avoid creating multiple virtual servers for that, you can define VIPs that are based on a port range. Reminder: NSX load balancer distributes network traffic across multiple servers to achieve optimal resource use. How does it work? You map an Edge IP address to a set of internal servers for load balancing. ...

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vRealize Rebranding Cheat Sheet

Earlier in August, at VMworld 2014, VMware announced a major renaming of its management products, to unify all current and future cloud management offerings under a single brand: VMware vRealize. This new brand is focused on 3 areas: Automation, Operations and Business. Besides, vCloud Hybrid Service (a.k.a. vCHS) was renamed to vCloud Air. VMware also announced new SaaS offerings for management products hosted on vCloud Air. When vRealize products are offered as a service on vCloud Air, they will be branded vRealize Air “X” where “X” is the descriptive name of the product (such as vRealize Air Automation). ...

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OpenStack-In-A-Box with Rackspace Private Cloud Sandbox

You’re interested about OpenStack and you want to discover it in a fast and easy way ? How about 15 minutes of your time and a single physical device (like your laptop or your workstation) ? :) For those living in caverns for the last 3 years, OpenStack is an open-source cloud-software platform which serves to build public and private clouds. This platform is based on a modular architecture, consisting in the following components: ...