VMware vFabric Postgres (a.k.a. vPostgres)

PostgreSQL logoPostgreSQL (often simply referred as Postgres) is an open-source object relational database. VMware introduced VMware vFabric Postgres back in 2011: vPostgres is based on and fully compatible with the open-source PostgreSQL software and all the tools related. This product comes in a virtual appliance form factor or as a simple Linux RPM to install, and leverages several optimizations related to virtualization:

  • Elastic Database Memory,

  • Specific Tuning (with higher default values),

  • Smart Database Configuration.

vPostgres appliance (available as an OVA file) deployment is straightforward and quite simple.

vPostgres appliance deployment

 After the deployment, two admin URLs are available:

vPostgres appliance: login screen

Note: as vPostgres is compatible with PostgreSQL tools, you can use your regular PostgreSQL client (if you have any).

VMware vFabric vPostgres appliance dashboard

VMware vFabric Postgres (vPostgres): create new login

What about the price ? According to the vFabric Postgres pricing page:

VMware vFabric Postgres is free for non-production use and is licensed per virtual machine (with up to two vCPUs) for production use.

- edit: VMware is announcing the End of Availability (EOA) of VMware  vFabric Postgres, effective September 1, 2014. -


  • vCSA is using vPostgres as the embedded database,

  • vPostgres is a supported database for several VMware products, like Horizon or vCAC.



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