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Use VMware Tools Client to Interact with a VM without Network Connectivity

There are people playing with VMware products, others creating scripts or helping the community;  you also have a completely different kind of people who are creating tools in their free time, such as Pierre. :)

After developing the vROps notification plugin that allows to send REST request automatically when an alarm is triggered in vROps, or the VMware Certificate Toolkit, Pierre released yesterday the VMware Tools Client beta that allows you to interact with a VM without network connectivity.

Developed in Java, the VMware Tools Client is a guest operations user interface and leverages the vSphere Guest API to interact with the VMware Tools installed in your guest OSes. Regarding features, you can execute commands and scripts, transfer files, do connectivity tests (ping), and so on.

VMware Tools Client: execute script on guest without connectivity

VMware Tools Client: file transfer on guests without connectivity

Use cases are various, such as:

  • Troubleshooting a rogue VM that you disconnected from the network
  • Managing DMZ VMs
  • Quickly transfer (large) to and from VMs
  • Manage virtual appliances
  • Re-configure network settings when you fat-fingered a network configuration and ejected yourself
  • and so on…

Check out this short video to have a complete overview of the tool.

Check Pierre’s post on the subject to get more info: VMware Tools Client beta 0.1.

Download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vmware-tools-client/

Disclaimer: as this is a personal project from Pierre, it is of course not supported by VMware.



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