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Christmas Came Early: NSX-T 2.1.0 Released

Announced during the Pivotal SpringOne conference, NSX-T 2.1.0 is GA as of December 21, 2017.

Excited / Happy

Among new features and enhancements, you will find:

  • Load Balancing: to use logical load balancers, you must start by configuring a load balancer and attaching it to a Tier-1 logical router.
    • Inline and one-arm topologies are supported.
    • One load balancer can be attached to a T1 router.
    • NSX-T load balancer supports Kubernetes service or ingress resources.

NSX-T 2.1.0 Load Balancing: Add Load Balancer

  • Pivotal Application Service Integration (PAS/PCF): integration with Pivotal Application Service 2.0 (CNI integration).
  • Pivotal Container Service (PKS): networking and security feature support for Pivotal Container Service.
  • Enhanced NSX-T dashboard, getting started workflow, and robust search and filter capabilities.

NSX-T 2.1.0 New Dashboard

NSX-T 2.1.0 Getting Started

NB: please note that the degraded status in the dashboard is specific to my lab and doesn’t reflect any issue in the product itself. I was changing a lot of the underlying network configuration during the redaction of this post.

This release brings NSX-T up to speed and I’m really excited to test it further, especially load balancing feature and the Kubernetes integration. The 1st upgrade I tested went smoothly (thank you upgrade coordinator!).

NSX-T 2.1.0 Upgrade Coordinator

Stay tuned for more NSX-T posts in the near future! ;)



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